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Zorrotzaurre Housing Project [ZoHo]


#comunidad #sistemas #diseñoparticipativo

Colectivo| Órganico | Autogestionado | Participativo | Sostenible 

+año: 2015
+fase: Proyectos II - IE Universidad
+tutora: Izaskun Chinchilla

The project consists of the creation of a residential community which by the development of a financial activity is able to reach economic self-sustainability. It is especifically addressed to promote and achieve the social reintegration of certain excluded social groups – population with low economic resources and cultural exclusion.
The industrial and cultural character of the area will allow the neighbors to get involved in the Self-Building and Industrial Recycling Program as well as to establish their own businesses or orkshops.
The boundaries between the intimate and the public are redefined by the merging together of all these different aspects of the program. In order to achieve the flexibility required by ZoHo a system of movable and folding devices will be fully developed and implemented, in terms of construction and materiality.
A thoroughly designed system, flexible and coherent enough which leaves scope for innovation. ZoHo is about exploring new ways of experiencing housing

#product active design + user active design

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