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S’Arenal Market Strip

Palma de Mallorca

+ PFG2017

#mercado #regeneraciónurbana #turismolocal

S’Arenal Market Strip 

+año: 2017
+fase: Proyecto Fin de Grado, Deiene González Uriarte.
︎Premio Ex Aequo Mejor Proyecto de Fin de Grado de Arquitectura 2017, IE Universidad  

A strategy to face urban and social dispersion through the market as an alternative for a more local touristic model.

In a neighborhood that is distraught by the presence of the cheap so called “ethylic tourism”, as it is S’Arenal, the social as well as urban distance between tourists and locals is more evident every day. The identity of the neighborhood is being eclipsed by the corrupted mask of a degenerative summer-S’Arenal that does not correspond to the full reality of the neighborhood’s everyday life. This thesis project intends to create new links between the social groups through the implementation and reinterpretation of the traditional Majorcan market, so present in the Balear culture, as a way of reviving S’Arenal and rescuing a buried identity of a neighborhood that felt once proud of it.

Why a strip?
S’Arenal Strip is a model that uses the implementation of a sequence of diverse activities as a tool to regenerate a decaying area, where the symbolism of the strip architecture performs as a magnet for people.

Why a market?
It is around the Local Market that the real neighborhood life flourishes; the aim of this project is to take this activity as an opportunity to increase local life by multiplying the market’s presence and diversifying its uses so as to engage the tourist as well in the market experience.
01 Recalling the strong identity of the Balear culture.
02 Contributing to the large existing network of markets within the island.
03 Responding to the question of tourism in a more local way,
04 Adding both cultural and economic value to S’Arenal.

© images by FADG